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Press Conference of Bank of Fuxin CCM Co-Branded Card Launching Ceremony Held in Fuxin, Liaoning Pro

Launching Ceremony of CCM Co-Branded Card co-hosted by Fuxin Municipal Government Information Office, Consumer Capital Group and Bank of Fuxin took place in Fuxin Guesthouse, Liaoning Province at 9:00 a.m. January 10, 2011. Representatives of mainstream domestic media such as Xinhua News Agency, China National Radio, People’s Daily Overseas Edition, CCTV Chinese International Channel, Economic Daily News, China Financial and Economic News, People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Net, Sina.com, etc, as well as of provincial and local media such as Liaoning Daily, Liaoshen Evening News, Liaoxi Business News, Fuxin TV, Fuxin Radio, Fuxin Daily, etc., attended the press conference.

The press conference was chaired by Mr. Lv Yong, Fuxin Municipal Government Information Office. Mr. Duan Jun, Director-General of Fuxin Banking Regulatory Bureau, Mr. Lin Xiansheng, Vice Governor of Bank of Fuxin, Mr. Jack Gao, Chair of Consumer Capital Group, Mr. Andy Fan, President of Consumer Capital Group and Mr. Zhang Hui, Project Director, attended the event.

Mr. Lv Yong started by briefing on the background information of Fuxin Bank CCM Co-Branded Card launching, stating that American ArKi Internet Information Management Co., Ltd. (Fuxin) was the China business headquarters recently invested and established by Consumer Capital Group (US) in Fuxin City, whose creation marked a heartening step forward in project development of virtual economy in Fuxin as the first e-business enterprise in the city. As a regional commercial bank, Bank of Fuxin has launched a series of financial products in line with market needs and closely related to people’s lives on the basis of e-banking and advanced IT application with constant service innovation in recent years, with all types of financial businesses booming and dedicated to the construction of a cross-region bank featuring first-rate quality.

Mr. Lin Xiansheng, Vice Governor of Ban of Fuxin, gave a presentation of the cooperation process and the significance of joint development of CCM Co-branded Card. The first bank card of Bank of Fuxin, Jintong Card, was issued in 2003; 24-hour self-service bank of Bank of Fuxin was created in 2009. In seven years of constant innovation and development from unfamiliar to familiar, a total of 130,000 Jintong Cards were issued, together with 23 self-service banks and more than 150 contracted merchants, making the card an important means of settlement among the modern generation. Considering extensive needs for consumption and wealth management of clients, Bank of Fuxin and American ArKi Internet Information Management Co., Ltd. (Fuxin) developed Bank of Fuxin CCM Co-Branded Card, a bank card of revolutionary significance for consumers with joint efforts and mutual complementarity, a crystallization of innovation philosophy and the fruit of sincere cooperation.

Mr. Gao Jianmin, Chair of Consumer Capital Group, briefed on the business situation of CCM and issues relevant to the launching of CCM Co-Branded Card, first by expressing gratitude for the tremendous support from CPC Committee and Municipal Government of Fuxin City for the founding of American ArKi Internet Information Management Co., Ltd. (Fuxin) in Fuxin and welcome to journalists having travelled all the way from Beijing and representatives of the provincial and local media. He then stated that the CCM e-business platform invested and operated by CCG adopted advanced international consumer philosophy combined with domestically developed business operation models which differ between online and offline, in line with industrial policies of boosting domestic demand and increasing consumption while providing data services for CPI release by the government. Based on three major systems, namely Anki International Business Alliance System, Consumption & Wealth Management Value-Added System and Co-Branded Bank Card Settlement System, a consumer value-added platform is constructed for members of Anki International Business Alliance, including manufacturers, merchants and banks. CCM has created a means of a net-based added-value creation for manufacturers, a new channel for extra-business revenues for merchants, a consumption management & guarantee platform for consumers within the system and a new growth point in card issuance business of banks. Besides the function of value-added consumption, CCM has integrated the function of money-making through consumption with debit cards issued by domestic commercial banks.

When asked about his opinion on this example of bank-business cooperation by CCTV reporter, Mr. Duan Jun, Director-General of Fuxin Banking Regulatory Bureau responded that the joint development of China’s first co-branded bank card by Bank of Fuxin and Consumer Capital Group integrating online and offline e-business functions was a collaboration of giants which created a new powerhouse for local financial industry and injected new vitality into its development, bearing tremendous significance in enhancing the level of advanced e-business growth, restructuring the industry and transforming the mode of development.

Views were exchanged and wisdom was shared between media and executives of Bank of Fuxin and CCG afterwards on the scope of usage, methods of application and prospects of development of CCM co-branded card.

CCM Media Center

January 10, 2011



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