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Celebrating CCM Co-Branded Card Launching Ceremony

At 11:00 a, m., January 10, 2011, CCM Co-Branded Card Launching Ceremony took place in Fuxin Guesthouse, an eye-catching event with enthusiastic celebrations and distinguished guests.

Present at the ceremony were: Liang Jinfa, Vice Mayor of Fuxin City, Zhang Ying, Secretary of CPC Committee, Taiping District, Fucin City, Han Xueming, Director-General of Finance Bureau, Fuxin City, Tang Hongmin, Deputy Director of Fuxin Commission on Service Industry, Xie Weixing, Chairman of Bank of Fuxin, Jack Gao, Chairman of the Board, Consumer Capital Group (US), Andy Fan, President of Consumer Capital Group, John Zhang, Vice President of Consumer Capital Group (and President of China Consumer Market), Gorphy, Vice President of Consumer Capital Group (and General Manager of American ArKi Internet Information Service Co., Ltd.), Pitt, Vice President of Consumer Capital Group, etc.

The launching ceremony was hosted by Lin Xiansheng, Vice Governor of Bank of Fuxin

Mr. Xie Weixing, Chair, Secretary of CPC Committee and Governor of Bank of Fuxin, delivered opening remarks by extending a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the participating officials and other guests. He stated that Bank of Fuxin, always being a leader of the banking business in Fuxin City with its pioneering and innovative spirit, captured the top place of the city in market share in both savings and loans with more than 20 billion in savings deposit balance by January 5, 2011. He further stated in the speech that the CCM Co-Branded Card issued by Bank of Fuxin shall be client-centered, market-oriented, thus expected to enjoy booming market prospects. Besides all financial functions of a typical bank card, this card will also offer holders with best discounts in catering, entertainment, shopping, travel, hotel and education & training, hence expanding customer group for businesses while benefiting consumers, a full crystallization of service philosophy of Bank of Fuxin and CCG. With its human-oriented and personalized service features, the card shall enjoy a bright future thanks to its added functions. The cooperative launching of CCM Co-Branded card issued by Bank of Fuxin will further deepen the partnership between banks and businesses, coordinating resources of both parties for complementarity of advantages and creating a healthy, win-win situation for banks, media, businesses and consumers.

 Mr. Jack Gao, Chair of Consumer Capital Group (US) mentioned in his speech that the decision to launch CCM operation center in Fuxin and the support from relevant governmental authorities of Fuxin City shall ensure the promising future and space for growth for China Consumer Market. Consumer Capital Group also planned to increase its engagement in e-business in Fuxin, thus contributing more to the economic development of the city. The CCM Card co-issued with Bank of Fuxin shall contain the following functions: first, online payment by cardholders on CCM shall be processed via the co-branded card; second, offline payment by CCM cardholders in any contracted merchant within China can be processed via POS settlement system of the bank; third, new growth points can be created from new services, intermediary services and extra-business services provided by Bank of Fuxin. He concluded his speech by comparing the CCM Co-Branded Card issued by Bank of Fuxin as a golden bridge flying over and a corridor linking the capital market in US and the consumer market in China and generating new wealth in innovative ways, with the prediction that the co-issuance of CCM Co-Branded Card by Bank of Fuxin will maximize the benefit for consumers, businesses, manufacturers and partners.

After the speech, Liang Jinfa, Vice Mayor of Fuxin City, Xie Weixing, Chairman of Bank of Fuxin and Jack Gao, Chair of Consumer Capital Group jointly pressed the “CCM Co-Branded Card” crystal ball symbolizing success and perfection. With joy and excitement in the air, Xie Weixing, Chairman of Bank of Fuxin and Jack Gao, Chair of Consumer Capital Group signed the agreement of cooperation, a document of historic significance, on behalf of their respective party.

Mr. Liang Jinfa, Vice Mayor of Fuxin City, delivered a speech of congratulations on the launching ceremony of CCM Co-Branded Card jointly hosted by Bank of Fuxin and Consumer Capital Group, which marked the issuance of China’s first co-branded debit card with consumption value-added services. He expressed his congratulations on the success of bilateral cooperation and a warm welcome to distinguished guests, media and other participants in the ceremony, commenting that like CCG, Bank of Fuxin had been dedicated to first-rate service for clients in financial and consumer sectors, and that a series of financial products in line with market needs and closely related to people’s lives had been launched on the basis of e-banking and advanced IT application with constant service innovation in recent years. He expressed his expectations of greater achievements of the two collaborating parties which shall contribute more to the prosperity and development of Fuxin City.

With guests toasting each other and taking photographs in thundering applause, the launching ceremony of CCM Co-Branded Card was brought to an end in joyous music.

Also present at the ceremony were chief officials of all departments of Bank of Fuxin, high executives of American ArKi Internet Information Service Co., Ltd. (Beijing) and American ArKi Internet Information Management Co., Ltd. (Fuxin) and directors of some provincial and municipal agencies of CCM. Representatives of mainstream domestic media such as Xinhua News Agency, China National Radio, People’s Daily Overseas Edition, CCTV Chinese International Channel, Economic Daily News, China Financial and Economic News, People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Net, Sina.com, etc, as well as of provincial and local media such as Liaoning Daily, Liaoshen Evening News, Liaoxi Business News, Fuxin TV, Fuxin Radio, Fuxin Daily, etc., with massive coverage of the event on these media.

A banquet was hosted at the Guesthouse by Bank of Fuxin after the ceremony. More than 200 guests gathered in a festive atmosphere with best wishes for a bright future of CCM Co-Branded Card in China.

CCM Media Center

January 10, 2011

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