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    On Jul 29, 2011, the opening ceremony for CCM’s co-branded consumer card was held at Fuxin Bank.
Attendees included: the Vice Mayor of Fuxin City, Mr. Jinfa Liang; Party Secretary, Mr. Ying Zhang; Director of Tourism Bureau, Mr. Hui Zhang; Director of Banking Regulations Bureau, Mr. Tao Tao; representative of Fuxin Branch and China UnionPay, Mr. Weidong Zhang; Chairman of Fuxin Bank, Mr. Weixing Xie; Vice President of Fuxin Bank, Mr. Xiansheng Lin; Chairman of Consumer Capital Group, Mr. Jianming Gao; President of CCG, Mr. Jon Zhang; Executive President of CCG, Mr. Fei Gao; along with other CCG Executives. 

    Guangxin Tan hosted the ceremony

    The VP of Fuxin Bank, Mr. Xiansheng Lin, said: “the CCM co-branded consumer cards program, under the cooperation of Fuxin bank and Consumer Capital Group, was activated on Jan 1, 2011; today, we are glad to see that this program is continuing to meet our high expectations.”

    Chairman and CEO of CCG, Mr. Jack Gao, added: “Our unique business model and website continue to distinguish CCG in China’s B2C ecommerce sector. On one hand, our website provides merchants with comprehensive retail channels and geographical breadth. Customers, on the other hand, receive an indirect discount through incentive points based on their membership level and purchasing history with the merchant. We are confident that we can maintain the progress we are seeing in our joint debit card program with Fuxin Bank and by continuing to develop this program, we believe that we will further enrich the experiences of the customers and merchants who use our website.

    Mr. Gao further commented: “We have already signed more than 2,000 business cooperators, and CCM co-branded consumer cards will continue to be able to be used nationally. We believe that our ecommerce project will help Fuxin Bank build out its electronic payment system as well as fosters local economic development.”

    Ms. Zhiying Song, a representative for one of CCM’s contractors, Hongyu Hotel, said, “Through our agreement with CCG, we have been able to expand awareness and cultivate a larger customer base.”

    Mr. Gao said: “CCM’s co-branded consumer card is a landmark initiative for our Company. This signals a new stage in our development, and we are confident that we will be able to gain ground in China’s ecommerce sector with this unique approach.”

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