Competitive Advantages

usiness-to-consumer ecommerce is just starting out in China—our website is one of the players in this space. Our unique incentive and sweepstake programs have distinguished us in this burgeoning sector by enriching the experiences of our merchants and customers.

Merchant Benefits: 

  • Our incentive program constitutes a potent marketing mechanism for merchants as it enables them to set purchase price amounts.
  • Merchants are awarded cash for every successful referral.
  • China’s emergent middle-class is spreading throughout China—our website provides merchants with comprehensive retail channels and geographical breadth.
  • Merchants have autonomy and flexibility in how they fulfill and ship goods to customers. 

Customer Benefits:

  • Customers receive an indirect discount through incentive points based on their membership level and purchasing history with the merchant.
  • Our sweepstakes program lets members participate in daily cash drawings.

Our Benefits:

  • These low cost programs effectively tap into the group-buying dynamic.
  • Since the larger the volume of sales on a given day the greater the prize money, our customers are motivated to get their family and friends to become members of and make purchases through Consumer Capital’s website.
  • Our business-to-consumer approach to ecommerce allows us to avoid the overhead and operational difficulties of supply chains.
    Our website is an effective mechanism in support of the government’s policies to boost consumption.
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